100% Recycled Wood Fire Logs


Help keep you and your loved ones warm this winter while being environmentally friendly. Our fire logs can be used in any wood burning stove or fireplace to heat your home, shop, cabin or even your fishing shack. They are made from 100% recycled wood.

They are available in either 2 inch or 3 inch diameter and are by 25lbs bag, 50lbs bag or Super Sack (approximately 1000lbs)


Responsible Waste management today for a greener tomorrow has always been the core belief behind PVC. We believe that acting responsible today is worth the effort so that we don't pass our problems on to future generations. Through careful research and a investment in new equipment, we are able to turn waste wood materials into fire logs that can be burned in place of coal or natural wood.


Why use fuel puck:

-Reduce your heating cost
-Maximize your boiler efficiency
-Maximize your storage capacity
-Maximize heating value of shipment
-Minimize boiler maintenance
-Reduce emissions
-Reduce loading on boiler/fuel handling system
-Adaptable to flex augers and pellet boilers
-Get off the natural gas roller coaster
-Earn carbon credits vs carbon taxes





2" Fire Log on the Left and 3" Fire Log on the Right



 Bio Mass fuel for outside Boilers


Instead of sending scrap wood to be burying or burnt at the landfill, we grind it up into chips to be used at bio fuel. These chips can be used as an alternative to coal or oil. Chips can be fed directly into boilers and has a great BTU value of 8-9000 Btu’s/lb.




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