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Education has been one of the most neglected facets of recycling in the industry. It has been the policy of Pembina Valley Containers since it inception to offer education to our customers and the public in general about our specific programs, industry changes, the materials we recycle and the reason why these programs are in place.


  • Education brings awareness about the recycling programs within our province
  • Education offers an chance to ask questions about the specifics of a program and about the industry as a whole
  • Education infers that a Business/Organization places a high priority on the program and that is should be viewed as significant with the the working environment
  • Education eliminates any speculations on the details regarding what materials can be recycled
  • Education enhances participation and can rejuvenate an existing program or initiate a positive start to a new recycling program
  • Education shows that with a little careful planning, recycling does not cost much yet there are great benefits the companies image and the environment that they work and live in


We offer this service on site within your facility. Pembina Valley Containers also offers tours of its facility for groups and organizations to see the full effect of the materials generated and collected from their organizations. If you have any questions or for more information, please feel free to contact us.




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